Cloud & On-premise Solutions

Intech Solutions offers its customers flexibility to deploy and use solutions on-site or integrate with our hosted web services.

Our proven data processing, integration and cloud services as well as managed solutions can be deployed on our own robust infrastructure or dedicated private cloud environments can be established in a cloud based infrastructure depending on support levels, access, security, data confidentiality and other factors. Solutions can be simple or complex, open or secure, and incorporate the complete suite of our information quality capabilities, but will always be optimised to meet your organisation's information quality requirements.

The true benefit of using IQ Office software lies in the ability to switch between a cloud-based architecture to invoking IQ Office software installed on premise without significant development efforts.

If required, certain IQ Office functionalities can be leveraged via the cloud and others through the software installed on premise. Either way, the same results in terms of reliability and performance can be expected. Organisations can make use of this flexibility to exploit certain functionalities and then scale their solutions up as needs arise.

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