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Geocoding Software

IQ Office geocoding software / service provides efficient geocoding and address validation. Available via an API or as standalone software, IQ Office geocoding software is trusted by government agencies, commercial organisations for International, Australian, and New Zealand geocoding requirements. The service is available 24/7 and can improve your location data, support your geospatial address requirements. Integrating with your ERP, CRM and other locations dependent applications.

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Geocoding Services

The IQ Office Geocode Service is available as a Cloud API, or on premises licence as an integrated option to solutions such as ESRI ArcGIS®, Microsoft Dynamics , SalesForce, SAP and other source systems requiring geocoding functionality. The IQ Office Geocoding Service (‘The Service’) is the industry leading geocoder providing a level of accuracy and precision demanded by organisations were close enough isn’t an option. The Service can validate, enhance and standardise your data as part of its geocoding process.

The Service appends latitude and longitude coordinates; commonly referred to as geocoding. This lets you select an address from the list to locate or ‘pin-point’ the address on a map. Alternatively, if you input a set of lat/long coordinates, The Service can reverse geocode and return address(es) closest to that location.

Furthermore, by appending an address with latitude and longitude, you can now add geographic tags like the ABS statistical classifications , electoral boundaries, include social demographic indicators to all your address records, providing better analytics and insights. IQ Office delivers incredibly valuable data that offers data quality and new capabilities across widely diverse applications in corporate enterprise, government departments and non-profit organisations..

(The Service) Can


Transform a postal address to longitude / latitude coordinates or represent the address as a point on a map or a polygon area on a map which contains the address.

Reverse geocode

Return information about address by entering the longitude / latitude coordinates, providing an address as well as its ABS statistical area and administrative boundaries.

Find address candidates

Return a list of candidates based on address or location.

Australian, New Zealand and International Geocoding

Authoritative reference datasets are: Australia’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), the Critchlow National Address Reference (CNAR) for New Zealand, Intech’s International Jurisdictions (over 190 to date) and your own proprietary reference dataset (on-premises usage only)

Geocode Service For New Zealand

Find out more about IQ Office’s geocoding service for New Zealand

Geocode Service For Australia

Find out more about IQ Office’s geocoding service for New Zealand

International Geocoding

Find out more about IQ Office’s geocoding service for New Zealand

Geocode Service For New Zealand

Find out more about IQ Office's geocoding service for New Zealand

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Geocode Service For Australia

Find out more about IQ Office's  geocoding service for Australia

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International Geocoding

Find out more about IQ Office's  international geocoding 

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Features and Benefits of IQ Office' Geocoding Software

  • Every address is cleansed (parsed, standardised and matched to authoritative reference data) prior to geocoding.
  • Results are reliable and accurate not only because the reference data is mature, sourced from respected content creators and that IQ Office uses its built in algorithms to select the best option when the data is ambiguous or incomplete, supported with quality codes for accuracy.
  • Geocode quality indicators can be returned.
  • The ArcGIS Rematch Address results are accurate.
  • High speed batch and real time processing
  • The Service tolerates misspelled or incomplete addresses as input
  • A geocode can be supplied even if the address does not uniquely match the reference data.
  • Real-time functionality with built-in address validation.
  • Uses various authoritative address reference data to support addresses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, the USA, and more.
  • Integrates into custom built applications on all major platforms.
  • Precisely appends multiple geotags to addresses.
  • Reverse geocoding to accurately determine addresses from geographic locations
  • Batch processing with exceptionally high throughput performance.
  • Pre-configured integration adapters for most major CRM and ERP systems, including those from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle Corporation.
  • Available as cloud based web service, on-premises software, or a hybrid solution.
  • Accessible via ArcGIS®, Esri® products as a geo-coding Locator Service.
  • Allows the use of any reference data, offering you complete control over the reference data and geographic boundaries in your solution.
  • Standard geographic tags include:
    • Geographic latitude and longitude (point/location on a map)
    • Electoral boundaries
    • Statistical boundaries
    • Socio demographic indicators

We are currently offering new customers 20% off our standard pricing for Australia and New Zealand address, email and phone validation/verification and geocoding service pricing.

A free ‘health check’ on a sample dataset showing how we can improve your address accuracy. We can also geocode the addresses and enhance them by appending boundaries, such as ABS Census boundaries. All at no cost!

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Robust Geocoding Software

IQ Office utilises established and proven matching rules, ensuring high performance even with incomplete or inaccurate data, such as typos, missing address attributes, vanity/alias addresses, and corner addresses, which often confuse other solutions. A unique feature of IQ Office is its intelligent capability algorithm, which enables the retrieval of geographic attributes even from incomplete or ambiguous addresses. This algorithm, along with other unique features of IQ Office, significantly boosts both accuracy and geocoding rates.

address validation example robust

Incomplete Data

Inaccurate Address Attributes

Alias Addresses & Vanity Addresses

Geocoding Deployment Architecture

Available as on-premises software, cloud based web service, or a hybrid solution.  Office IQ software is designed for high-volume and multi-platform business environments. 

native address validation

On Premisis

IQ Office gecoding service supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix and can be deployed in multiple containerisation technologies such as Docker, Swam and Kubernetes.

address validation saas

SaaS Cloud Service

The IQ Office API is available via a secure, robust and high-performance web service operated by Intech in the cloud.

australia post

The Gold Standard Of GeoCoding and Address Validation

In addition to IQ Office incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, algorithms, and ‘gold standard’ address matching rules defined by Australia Post, Intech Solutions consistently reassesses and upgrades its parsing, validation, standardization, and geocoding capabilities as the industry evolves.

ESRI Network Partner

esri Network Partner

Esri is the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping.


Who uses IQ Office?

Many of Australia’s leading private companies, governments, and NFPs have something in common. They use IQ Office to manage their geocoding, address validation and verification requirements.

Australia Bureau Of Statistics
The ABS relies on Intech's Address Validation and Geocoding software​
Blue Zebra Insurance
The innovative and technology-driven Blue Zebra Insurance uses Intech's Address Validation and Geocoding solutions to ensure the accuracy of its underwriting​
Australia Energy Market Operator
Australia's independent energy markets and power systems operator, AEMO, uses Intech for its Address Validation and Geocoding location intelligence​
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Geocoding Software for All Sectors


Government agencies benefit from using a security assessed address validation and geocoding service that verifies residential and organisational data against authoritative address reference sources and appends geo-demographic boundaries to enable accurate analytics.


Some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest brands use Intech’s IQ Office suite to geocode and verify address information in batch and at point of entry to improve data quality.


Address validation Address validation functionality and geocoding for bespoke and out-of-box applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be easily achieved using the IQ Office Web Service API.


Validating delivery addresses and location during an ecommerce transaction reduces failure to deliver, optimises delivery routing and increases customer satisfaction.


Easily integrate Intech’s IQ Office Web Service API into your website to ensure that address data entered by users is verified, enhanced with geodemographic data and stored in a standardised format.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of transforming an address to a physical location represented by a point on a map or a polygon area on a map which contains the address.

See geocoding in real time in our free interactive demo.

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