Identity resolution, data matching and identity search

Advanced data matching and search solutions

Identity Resolution, Data Matching and Federated Search

Fast, flexible and highly scalable identity resolution, data matching and identity search solutions from Intech enable end-users to search a database and locate a record, even when major differences exist in the search input. This is often referred to as ‘fuzzy matching’ and it contributes significantly to quality control as well as operational efficiencies.

Features & benefits of Intech’s Data Matching and Single Entity View Solutions

  • Fuzzy matching makes it easy to locate customer records
  • Multiple data sources can be searched in a single query
  • Security is maintained at the source of the data
  • Multi-lingual name support
  • Intelligent sorting ensures most relevant record is presented first
  • Extensive alias name support
  • Ability to fine tune to any dataset and business rules
  • Solution can be installed within custom built CRM applications or standard CRM and ERP products such as those from Oracle/Siebel, Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft
  • Significant decrease in data duplication
  • Fraud detection

Find out how the Department of Employment uses Intech for an advanced searching and matching solution

Key Characteristics of Intech's Data Matching and Search Solutions

Intech Solutions has developed a technical architecture that ensures low maintenance costs and reliable performance. Distinguishing technical features include:
    • Performance. IQ Office is optimized for batch and real-time data lookups that take place at high speed. This includes data parsing, standardising and matching performance.
    • Reliable and valid accuracy. By incorporating advanced statistical algorithms, IQ Office provides unrivalled accuracy in its ability to parse free-format data, and perform intelligent data matching.
    • User friendly. Enter the data in your ‘standard’ application data entry screens rather than requiring you to enter data in a separate data-capture screen.
    • Confidence in results. By including state-of-the-art statistical matching algorithms (based on processes similar to the way ordinary people compare information records), and enabling incorporation of your existing matching rules, you gain a high confidence in the levels of match rates achieved while minimising the risk of your accepting false matches.
    • Reduced manual remediation. The statistical algorithm developed by Intech Solutions offers an accurate assessment of matching probability. This not only reduces false matches, but also decreases the need for manual remediation.
    • Architecture for precision customisation. All data-specific logic is held in open interfaces, allowing you to tune the system to meet your purposes. Tuning includes: Parsing and standardising logic that can be tuned to deal with any type of data; Validation reference data is open, enabling you to validate against any set of reference data and; Match to your own data to prevent duplication and to provide a comprehensive view of the entities within your data.

Both the Australian and NZ Governments use Intech to rapidly search for and prove the digital identity of tertiary students

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