Highly scalable graph database solutions for large business & government

TigerGraph overview

TigerGraph is a scalable graph database, built especially for the enterprise. Regardless of the size or complexity of your dataset, TigerGraph can tackle it in real time, to deliver all the benefits you expect from an enterprise-level graph database solution.

Graph Analytics at scale

TigerGraph’s scalable graph database provides analytics tools that are easy to use, even for the ‘non-technical’ user, delivering powerful solutions for every level of the enterprise.

TigerGraph’s powerful graphical user interface (GUI) — GraphStudio™ — brings together all elements of the platform’s graph data analytics, integrating them into a single, simple, and highly usable application.

TigerGraph – The Parallel Graph Advantage

Featuring many unique and intuitive elements, TigerGraph empowers you with interconnected data, delivering deep insights for exceptional results.

Performance and Speed – in real time

Get what you need from your data fast with TigerGraph’s superior parallel processing power, delivering millisecond responses to queries with tens of millions of data points.

Unbeatable Parallel Processing

Designed from the ground up with innovation at its core, TigerGraph utilises parallelism throughout — from the storage engine through to the GSQL high-level query language — to deliver market-leading speed and concurrency.

Ultra-fast Loading and Updates

Imagine a database equipped to keep pace with your fast-moving business! Able to process bulk loads at 100GB per hour/node, with online updates in real time, TigerGraph gives you control with reliability to match.

Ability to scale, even with enormous datasets

TigerGraph can build to scale at pace with your increasing business needs, producing trillion-edge graphs that run analytics in real time.

Enabled for deep-link, multi-hop analytics

With the ability to perform complex analytics and run queries traversing ten or more hops, TigerGraph delivers you deeper insights for better business.

Enterprise-grade Security

Built for safety and security, as well as speed and scalability, TigerGraph delivers the business performance you need.

Graph Query Language

TigerGraph features the GSQL™ query language — the leading choice for running high-performing analytics and graph operations. Providing you the high-level syntax, ‘Turing completeness’ and in-built parallelism you need for faster development and performance.


MultiGraph lets you share the same master database amongst multiple groups, allowing you to retain local security and control. This helps reduce data ‘siloing’, improves transparency and ultimately gives your enterprise better access to data.

GraphStudio™ Visual Interface

GraphStudio™ is the simple, yet powerful, graphical user interface (GUI) for TigerGraph, integrating all phases of its graph data analytics in a single, highly usable tool.

TigerGraph is the premium graph database chosen by leading enterprises in a wide variety of industries all around the world, including healthcare, finance, media telecommunications, government agencies, manufacturing, and utilities. No matter the context, TigerGraph is a game-changer for enterprise.

TigerGraph gives developers, data scientists, and senior executives the power to deliver innovation through graph solutions in record time, utilising algorithmic tools such as PageRank and Community Detection. With its unique GSQL, intuitive SQL-like query language, and visual GraphStudio SDK, TigerGraph gives you the deep insights you need to make the business decisions that will deliver better outcomes for your enterprise.

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