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Single Customer View

Single Customer View is a database system that presents an aggregated, holistic representation of the information an organisation holds about its customers. A Single Customer View is also referred to as a Single Entity View or a multi-domain Single Customer View when aggregates data about any type of entity such as a person, organization or product.

In many organisations, data is spread across multiple systems which must be accessed individually by an operator. As a result, it is impossible to access a Single View of a Customer which is complete and accurate. Intech’s Single Customer View aggregates data from multiple systems to ensure a true, current and complete representation of entity of interest.

The Single Customer View Framework is a comprehensive data quality and management platform that focuses on extracting, cleansing, and linking all relevant data, potentially across multiple systems, to the correct and uniquely identified customer, contact or entity. This provides a complete and accurate view of information relevant to each contact or entity, also referred to as the Golden Record.

The solution can provide multiple benefits to the organisation such as increasing operational efficiencies, enhancing its reporting capabilities, increasing its insights gained from analytics, enabling affective marketing/ investigation campaign execution that leverages the benefits of those insights to improve entity retention and reduce churn. 

Intech’s Single Customer View framework ensures that relevant information is available to authorised users, in real-time, no matter where they are located in an organisation.

Find out how Intech's Single Customer/Entity View has been successfully implemented by government agencies across Australia

Features & benefits of Intech's Single Customer View

  • Established framework with proven record of success
  • Integrated data quality processes
  • Highly sophisticated data matching ensures accurate aggregation of entity information
  • Improved analytical capabilities; accuracy and reliability of intelligence products
  • Greater operational efficiencies; more time spent on analysis, less time spent on collection
  • Integrates into custom built applications on all major platforms.
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Higher cross selling opportunities
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention

Speak to us about how a major Australian airline used Intech's SCV to aggregate diverse datasets.

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