CDAO (Chief Data & Analytics Officer) New Zealand conference.

Event: Join us at the CDAO (Chief Data & Analytics Officer) New Zealand conference. Now online on 16th & 17th November 2021

Now in its fifth year, CDAO ((Chief Data & Analytics Officer) NZ brings together New Zealand’s largest gathering of Senior Level Data and Analytics Executives to explore what 2022 will have in store.

This year the conference is being held online on 16th & 17th November. Terry Goodman, Intech Founder, will be participating on “The Future of Data and Analytics post-Covid” panel.

Key themes for this year include awakening data investment, managing data risk through strong governance, data accuracy and sustaining and scaling data success.

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Graph database analytics for investigations and fraud detection

Video: Graph database analytics for investigations, compliance and fraud detection

Terry Goodman, Managing Director of Intech Solutions, delivered a keynote address on Graph Database analytics at the 7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit – 2021.

Terry included an interesting case study describing the Australian Tax Office (ATO) adoption of the TigerGraph graph database, a modern graph solution winning global applause for its unrivalled speed and scalability. You can view Terry’s full presentation in this blog.

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Identity resolution with graph databases

Identity Resolution in Graph Data

Techniques for optimising data quality for identity resolution with graph databases

by Terry Goodman, Founder of Intech Solutions

A highly informative presentation that delves into modern techniques for optimising data quality for identity resolution with graph databases.

The content of the presentation includes:
* Introduction and definition
* Graph schema design(s) for identity resolution
* Transforming/parsing data to optimised schema design
* Enhancing data for identity resolution
* Identity resolution algorithms with graph.

The full presentation can be viewed in the attached article.

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TigerGraph Graph Database

Event: Connecting the dots with the TigerGraph graph database

Reflections on Graph Analytics at the 7th annual Australian Government Data Summit

by Terry Goodman, Founder of Intech Solutions

The data analytics business is all about connecting the dots of particular situations without having to experience them directly.

One of the best ways of achieving this is with extremely fast, highly scalable graph database/analytics platforms.

Gartner estimates that the application of graph processing and graph database management systems will grow at 100 percent annually through 2022, “to continuously accelerate data preparation and enable more complex and adaptive data science.”

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