Conference: Public Sector AI & Data Showcase

Showcasing TigerGraph graph database. Hotel Realm, Canberra, Tuesday 7 December 2021.

The world’s fastest and most scaleable Graph database will be showcased at the Australian government data conference “Public Sector AI & Data Showcase”.

The Public Sector AI & Data Showcase provides a comprehensive forum to educate federal agency practitioners on proven strategies and tactics to develop roadmaps and build digital architectures to support the deployment of innovative cognitive technologies.

With AI technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, our Federal Government is announcing several new and updated AI initiatives and programs of work.

The Public Sector AI & Data Showcase will cover how federal agencies and departments are advancing ICT processes, their data, and analytics work, and their thinking around deploying and integrating automation to deliver data-driven government services.

The showcase convenes experts from our nation’s strong innovation ecosystem across government, technology, business, and research to present the latest strategies and discuss the emerging technologies assisting the public sector to meet the missions of our government agencies.

Intech Solutions are proud to be showcasing TigerGraph, the world’s fastest and most scaleable Graph database platform.  We look forward to meeting all partners and delegates at our exhibition stand.

The full agenda can be viewed here

Showcasing TigerGraph graph database at government data conference “Public Sector AI & Data Showcase”

Data Science

Data Science Mini Guide Cover

Data collected by organizations is increasing at a relentless pace, but can still give a misleading or fragmented view of the real world. 

For example, a person could appear multiple times or have multiple digital entities within the same database, due to typos, name changes, aggregation of different systems and so on. So, how do we match entities when the ID systems may be different or contain errors?

Entity resolution (ER) helps get to the truth. Entity resolution, which is the disambiguation of real-world entities in a database, is an essential data quality tool.

Graph provides an efficient approach for the entity resolution problem. A native graph database with massive parallel computing capability is the best tool to implement the approach.

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